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 Aerospace Ground Equipment and Special Purpose Vehicle sector can satisfy customer's requirements by diagnosing, repairing and refurbishment of all aircraft ground support equipment utilizing a comprehensive maintenance program. Our state of the art maintenance facilities are located at 6 sites and incorporate over 160 highly trained technicians of various nationalities and specialties. Consistent with our customer’s needs, RGTS has developed extensive technical and training libraries to ensure quality of product and assist customer's initiatives. In addition, this sector can maintain facilities such as, aircraft engine test stands and arresting barriers.

RGTS Aircraft Arresting Gear Systems Sector provides a complete service for the supply, installation, maintenance and overhaul / refurbishment of Aircraft Arresting Gear Systems for military aircraft. These fixed base and mobile (MAAS) energy absorbers, coupled with cross runway cable support system (BAK-14) ensure fighter aircraft safety in case of an aborted take off or in flight emergency and eliminates runway overrun. The Aircraft Arresting Gear Systems are fully supported by RGTS / OEM spares and overhaul support services.

RGTS has the capability to refurbish AAGSto full operational specifications using proven overhaul procedures andcertified OEM parts manufactured to the latest specifications and standards. Complete or partial overhaul / refurbishments can be performed at our centralized facility or at the customer depot or base. All RGTS overhauled systems are carried out by OEM certified technicians and are returned to service with an OEM approved Return To Service Certificate.
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